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Eww Yaboo – “Yeah, What?” EP

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Eww Yaboo - Yeah, What?

We’re proud to bring you the vinyl debut from Luzerne County’s favorite sons, Eww Yaboo. Pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies and featuring artwork from local fixture Brian Langan (formerly of psychedelic popsters SW!MS and currently producing musical items as Langor). 2 tracks of unique indie guitar maneuvers housed on a jukebox style 45. You can stream “Make It Fast,” right here. Vinyl will include access to a digital download with two additional tracks.

Eww Yaboo – Make It Fast by Summersteps Records

We are accepting digital orders now over at our new bandcamp site. Ordering will get you an immediate download of the entire 4 song EP with vinyl shipping shortly.  One lucky pre-order will receive a copy of the test pressing as well!  You can also order by clicking the handy PayPal button right below.  The EP is also available for download at eMusic, iTunes, Amazon, other fine digital outlets and is also streaming on Spotify.

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Kid Icarus – “American Ghosts” LP

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

There is brand new Kid Icarus album now available. It’s called American Ghosts, it’s the groups fifth official LP. It’s a move towards a more hi-fi sound, sporting a jangly 90’s informed indie guitar swing on 8 new songs. We will be hosting the digital version. Which you can get on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, EMusic and various other outlets right now. There will also be a limited edition vinyl pressing that will be released by our friends at Philadelphia based upstart Big School Records. The vinyl is a limited edition of 250 copies pressed on milky white vinyl. So, for those who enjoy all things analog, please stop by the Big School Records’ store and check it out. You can also stream the album and grab some free downloads at the groups’ bandcamp site.


Ghost Town Feelings

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Here’s some non-Summersteps news that we thought you might be interested in. Kid Icarus has a brand new EP now available on our friend Chuck’s label Stress Carrier. It’s called Ghost Town Feelings and it’s being released in a limited edition of 100 factory made cassettes. It features 4 new songs and a cover of the Monkees track “Circle Sky.” It is also marks the debut of the group’s new drummer Jeff Gilotti (a.k.a. The Marshmallow Staircase). We encourage you to check it out in addition to some of the label’s other fine offerings.

You can also stream or name your price for a download of the EP over at the group’s bandcamp site.


What We Do On Our Holidays

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

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Summersteps Records is happy to help you celebrate the holiday season with our latest release called What We Do On Our Holidays. It’s a limited edition cassette / digital release featuring holiday classicks both new and old from Brother JT, Eww Yaboo, Kid Icarus, The Marshmallow Staircase, Das Black Milk, Langor (a.k.a. Brian of former SW!MS fame), straws, My Dad Is A Dinosaur, Obvious Dolphin and tons more from the extended Summersteps family. Cassettes are $5 each postpaid and will include access to a free download of all the songs.

To help get you in the mood, here’s some clips of Langor performing “Yantsor The Candy Cane Maker,” Das Black Milk performing “Everybody Loves Holiday,” and here’s Eww Yaboo giving us “Wonderful Christmastime.”

In addition to all these holiday vibes, we have also teamed up with Get Cryptic to bring you a holiday-themed show on Boxing Day (December 26th). See all the details below and happy holidays!


More Local Band Feel

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Kid Icarus & My Dad Is A Dinosaur making a local appearance at Stalter’s Cafe.


Kid Icarus – “Imaginary Songs & Aluminum Hits” LP Release Show

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


It’s been five long years since Kid Icarus’ last album proper, The Metal West. After some interminable delays, we are proud to present the newest addition to the K.I. discography, Imaginary Songs & Aluminum Hits. Please help us celebrate the release with a semi-rare performance by the group at Scranton, PA’s finest local record emporium, Embassy Vinyl with a free show. Supporting acts These Elk Forever and Eww Yaboo will help ring in the news. LP is available for pre-order at our online shop now and is available in a limited edition pressing on vinyl in addition to various and sundry digital outlets.


The Marshmallow Staircase – “Terror De Lune” LP Release Show

Thursday, July 8th, 2010


Come and celebrate the vinyl release of The Marshmallow Staircase’s magnum opus Terror De Lune. Experience the full band assault of the Staircase with a live line up featuring members of Scranton underground sensations Fulmarine Petrels and Das Black Milk both fresh off tour and recent live sets at WFMU. The show will also feature opening sets from The Dirt Vultures and Esophagus.

Click here to grab a live version of The Marshmallow Staircase performing “Alpha Centurai” live. LP pre-orders are being accepted now at our shop for $12 postpaid. Act now, it’s an extremely limited pressing.


Imaginary Songs & Aluminum Hits

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010


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Kid Icarus began as the solo home recording project of Eric Schlittler, and has spent the past fourteen years or so growing and evolving into an electrified psychedelic folk rock quartet. From cutting his first record in a stranger’s living room to recording most of his latest opus in a geodesic dome in Central Pennsylvania; from ramshackle, half finished acoustic numbers to epic, multi part space rock suites, Schlittler’s growth as a musician and songwriter has consistently kept those in the know anxiously awaiting his next move. There’s been a lot of waiting lately—five years since their last full length The Metal West, with nothing but a split 7” and a compilation track in between—we’re proud to report that it’s been worth every minute of waiting: here is Imaginary Songs & Aluminum Hits, the strongest and most focused Kid Icarus record to date.

The transition from solo bedroom project to full band onslaught has been completed: Schlittler’s swirling rhythm guitar, Justin Marchegiani’s chiming leads and Ted Baird’s melodic, post punk basslines provide the foundation for the majority of tracks here, years of live gigs having fine tuned their chemistry to the point where their amalgamated sound is now a Kid Icarus trademark. But while this is, for the most part, a full band affair, there are still plenty of throwbacks to the bedroom alchemy of earlier days, with Schlittler occasionally going it alone or teaming up with local songwriter Gregory Gover (These Elk Forever) on some of the album’s quieter moments.

In any event, this album is sure to please fans of anything that falls into the intersection between indie rock, folk, and psychedelia: think Robyn Hitchcock, early Guided By Voices, Sebadoh, Gary Higgins, Roky Erickson, and such. A solid effort, with enough twists and turns to make for a rewarding listening experience that you’ll no doubt return to again and again, finding something new and exciting every time.

The LP is pressed in a limited edition of 250 LPs and includes a free mp3 download. We are accepting pre-orders now and the LP will be officially available on 8/17. Check out free mp3s of “Dig Architecture” and “Projection Loop” from the LP now!


Terror De Lune

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010


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After years of kicking around the underground with handmade CD-R releases of aggressive bass propelled psychedelia and Hawkwind informed space rituals, The Marshmallow Staircase emerge with their first vinyl release Terror De Lune. It’s a limited edition vinyl and digital release. Vinyl copies will be scarce with a hand numbered & limited edition. Pressed on 100 % virgin wax and lovingly hand assembled. It won’t be officially available until 7/20 but we are officially taking pre-orders now! To help get you excited check out a free mp3 of “Lesbian Sushi” from the album.


Psychatrone Rhonedakk’s Cyber Space Rituals

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Psychatrone Rhonedakk doesn’t get out very much these days but he has some news to share with the outside world. First off, he has assembled a new release. It’s a “best of” collection and digital-only release entitled Cyber Space Rituals. It features choice cuts from his official albums along with some unreleased mixes and alternate takes. You can download it via iTunes and other fine digital shops out there on the interwebs.


Psychatrone also recently paid tribute to his pen pal Chris Knox, who suffered from a life altering stroke on June 11 2009. Please check out Psychatrone’s homage to Chris here. Make sure to check out the rest of Chris Knox’s official website & pick up a copy of the fund-raising double CD, STROKE, that features tons of amazing musicians playing Chris’s songs.