Suetta LP Olympic Stain (1994 – 1996)

Summersteps is very proud to present a special LP of the heretofore unknown group known as Suetta. This collection of demos and home recordings committed to tape back in the mid-90s collect the best of the groups’ output. Lost noisy indie rock chestnuts that recall the sound of their era’s peers and influences while forging a shaky, endearing and unique sound of their own. The album will be available in a very limited handnumbered edition and will feature 4 different covers each representing one of the members of the band. (Top L to R; Eric and Ted & Bottom L to R; Kenny and Jason)


Suetta features future members of Kid Icarus, amasa and Youth Aflame (The Choppers). We are no longer accepting orders, it’s sold out.

Suetta playing live sometime in 1995.


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