The Dan Aykroyd Compilation



Summersteps Records is proud to announce our latest release, The Dan Aykroyd Compilation. A semi-concept record & homage to one of our favorite “not ready for prime time” players, the album will be available in a limited edition run of 100 cassettes (access to a free mp3 download will be included). We are accepting pre-orders now and the official release date is 12/19. Tapes are $3 postpaid.

1. Ode to Mr. Aykroyd – Maryl-lyn Cooper
2. Mr Thickdick and Mr Urinal Cake – The SW!MS
3. The Unidentified Flying Ballad of Daniel – The Cult of James
4. Dan Aykroyd Fight Tape – These Elk Forever
5. Retired Ghost Hunter – Kid Icarus
6. Neighbors – Tigers Jaw
7. Spies Like Us – amasa
8. Ray Toy – Fulmarine Petrels
9. Magic – Das Black Milk
10. Ghosts of Your Past – My Dad Is A Dinosaur
11. Hittin’ on Dana – Girls Galore


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